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So excited for BF$4!

WTF Battlefield 4 is fucking retarded. I'm not buying that shit.

So first they wat you to buy the game right... k normally thats $60. Then they have a fucking premuim edition that gives you a shit tonne of unlocks and other features that the game is hyping k thats $70 (oh and BF4 preorder unlocks all the vehicle upgrades in BF 3 for you).

Ok THEN there is battle field 4 PREMIUM! Another $50. Oh goody another 5 PLANNED EXPANSION PACKS BEFORE RELEASE! Oh and it gives you access to 12 other unlock packs (that you still need to unlock or pre-pre-order BF 5 to automatically unlock), and gives you two weeks early access to said expansion packs so you can get all the shit before the other people can even play it. Oh and for you lucky console gamers dont worry your stats will carry over to the next-gen consoles... as soon as you buy the upgraded version!

So if I want to be able to play the game as content is released I need to spend $120 so I dont get fucking ran into the ground for not having all the fucking extra charge DLC! Thats not even including the fucking platinum ulta premium battle ass rape pack for 4 easy payments of $39.99! BUT WAIT! If you pre order the platinum ultra premium balttle ass rape pack you get free camo coloured lube for free! They will give you all the shitty bugs, game crashes, and Origin bullshit that you want! They cant give that stuff away fast enough.

Fuck this shit.

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Reader Comments (1)

Just thought I would throw this in here while I'm at it.

2002 Battlefield 1942
2003 Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome
2003 Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
2004 Battlefield Vietnam
2005 Battlefield 2
2005 Battlefield 2: Special Forces
2005 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
2006 Battlefield 2: Euro Forces
2006 Battlefield 2: Armored Fury
2006 Battlefield 2142
2007 Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike
2008 Battlefield: Bad Company
2009 Battlefield Heroes
2009 Battlefield 1943
2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam
2010 Battlefield Online
2011 Battlefield Play4Free
2011 Battlefield 3
2011 Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand
2012 Battlefield 3: Close Quarters
2012 Battlefield 3: Armored Kill
2012 Battlefield 3: Aftermath
2013 Battlefield 3: End Game
2013 Battlefield 4
AND 5 other fucking games

Not a single year gone by with out a BF release of some kind. Its not just the Battlefield franchise. Just the latest one to piss me off.

September 16, 2013 | Registered CommenterMark

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